Remotely shutdown networked computers...

Lock Out Physical Access
PCLockdown is an e-security platform consisting of software and a hardware device that provides a method of remotely locking out or shutting down the physical use of networked workstation computers via a remote encrypted broadcast.

Alarm Panel Integration
The lockdown commands can be initiated via integration with commercial fire and security alarm panels, a hand held wireless device or via a computer administrator.

Overide Ctrl Alt Del
The commands include a secure screen saver with a customised safety or security message and Ctrl Alt Del override, shutdown and reboot.

Increase Productivity
The system also has application in education and training as a productivity tool in that it can be used to re-boot and shutdown PC's in a computer laboratory networks and the remote activated screen saver can be used to elicit the attention of trainees.


  Close the "Physical Access" Gap
PCLockdown enhances an organization's computer security by closing the "physical access gap" that currently exists in times of physical security breach, safety evacuations and after hours access.

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